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Spending your weekends mowing instead of enjoying your yard in Melbourne is one of the best reasons to lay synthetic grass and appreciate the many benefits. You get the soft and lush feel under your feet like natural turf, without having to spend many hours maintaining it by mowing, weeding, fertilising or using weed killers. The durability of synthetic grass is resilient to heavy use, making it ideal for heavily used spaces.

Engineering and technology in the recent years have made synthetic grass look and feel very natural, making it a lawn option that suits the busy families in Melbourne. Artificial turf also conserves water, which is another big reason it has gained popularity, especially in dryer areas where water restrictions are in place.

When you want your outdoors to look great with minimal fuss and the environment is high on your list of concerns, synthetic grass can be a much better choice than real turf.

Yes, just as natural grass has varying characteristics, there are different types of artificial turf. These variations are in relation to thickness, look, height and feel. While real turf can be soft and fluffy underfoot or a thicker feel, artificial grass also has these qualities.

Synthetic grass is known by various names – synthetic turf, artificial turf, artificial lawn, synthetic grass, and synthetic lawn. They are all the same types of grass but are just known by different names.

At Super Cheap Grass, we carry one of the biggest ranges of synthetic grass in Melbourne, including Lush Green, Natural Classic, Putting Green and Natural Spring, to name a few. Each has its own qualities, ranging in colour, height, density and yarn type.

Installing artificial grass requires the a lot of care and attention to detail. It’s not as simple as just laying it over dirt, concrete or your existing lawn, but if prepared correctly can practically be installed anywhere. The primary consideration is that surfaces need to be stable for the product to be laid.

Laying artificial grass requires the removal of all old natural turf, on unstable surfaces like dirt, it is ideal to apply crushed rock base to minimise movement once the grass is down.

Concrete and tiles are one of the best surfaces to install artificial grass because the surface is stable and level. However, sand isn’t a reliable surface because of its instability.

Because of the versatility of artificial turf, Installation around pools and other edges like curved garden edges are possible because water doesn’t damage the lawn and makes an excellent addition to your yard.

We understand that parents want their children to feel safe when playing outdoors. Which is why we are happy to give a big, yes, to artificial grass being suitable for children.

The materials that artificial grass is made out of is fibres that are often non-toxic and are perfect for creating fun, engaging and safe places for your child to play. The turf provides a similar surface to natural grass and is used at home, preschools, childcare centres or schools in Melbourne. It is also commonly used under playground equipment because of the soft and lush nature of the turf absorbs the force of any falls.

This type of grass is also perfect for playing on by children who are prone to allergies or hay fever, compared to natural turf. Not having to deal with the symptoms of grass allergies, mean children are more likely to want to spend time outdoors.

Artificial grass can be an excellent solution for all members of the family, including the family dog. It’s a clean, safe and durable option, but it is necessary to seek professional advice first because not all artificial turf products are suited to pets.

Consideration when choosing the right synthetic lawn is that it is durable enough for the size of your dog. You will want to select a broader bladed turf for a larger dog because it will be able to withstand the rigours of a dog running around the yard.

The synthetic grass must be non-toxic, not only for your pet but also for your family. Most reputable Artificial turf suppliers, like us, only use non-toxic materials.

The good thing about synthetic grass is animal droppings can easily be picked up, and any odours caused by pet urine can easily be hosed down.

Famous for its harsh sun light during summer, Melbourne sits directly under the Aussie sunlight most time of year. Modern synthetic grass is durable and highly resistant to damage and direct sunlight because it has been UV stabilised, meaning it’s protected against fading.  While the grass stabilises over the first few months, there will be a noticeable small change in colour, but once it stops releasing, the colour will remain the same no matter how much direct sunlight it gets.

The materials used to make artificial lawn are not affected the same way as other sun fading fabrics. Because of this, it goes through rigorous testing and often comes with a guarantee against fading.

Artificial lawn is resistant to different types of damage and notably doesn’t degrade, fade or breakdown during times of extreme heat and constant sunlight.

We frequently get asked how long artificial grass lasts for, and the answer varies. While nothing lasts forever and with the extreme conditions that Australia experiences, artificial grass last over 10 years.

The longevity of the turf is contingent on a few different factors, one of these being the amount of use it gets. If your lawn is heavily used and children are playing on it daily, then it is less likely to last as long as grass that is used more ornamentally with little foot traffic.

Artificial grass longevity is also affected by the quality of the fibres it’s made out of, using the right type of infill and keeping up with maintenance. Because the grass is UV stabilised, if you regularly rinse the dust and dirt away, and remove odours and bacteria by adequately cleaning up animal excrement, it will retain its colour and integrity without fading giving it a longer lifespan.

Laying synthetic grass is relatively simple to achieve a significant effect. If installing artificial grass yourself, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s specifications and never cut corners. While we recommend using a professional grass layer to avoid the warranty being voided, we understand that this isn’t possible for everyone.

Installation is best achieved by ensuring that preparation of the base has adequate drainage, a good compacted crusher base is used for the infill (if not installing on a concrete slab), and rolling out the turf to be as wrinkle-free as possible. Once the grass has relaxed a couple of hours, the wrinkles will ease. When rolling out the grass, a sharp utility knife will be sufficient for cutting it to fit around trees, pools, paving and flowerbeds.

If in doubt, when installing synthetic grass yourself, talk to us at Super Cheap Grass, we are always happy to help.

The great thing about artificial grass is that it requires very little maintenance for its upkeep. Its needs are unique and require different care than is taken with natural grass. Your artificial lawn won’t be susceptible to weeds or fungi, and it certainly won’t need mowing. It will, however, be at risk of wear and tear, get stained, and the removal of pet waste needs to managed.

Regular care of an artificial lawn includes sweeping leaves or using a leaf blower, hosing down any spills or pet excrement, and fluffing the fibres by sweeping in the opposite direction.

You will find that most of your maintenance will be needed after high winds and thunderstorms. When you do brush away the debris, going in different directions will keep your turf looking its best. Also, as soon as you discover any spills or stains, dealing with them straight away will help keep your lawn looking fresh.

One of the many advantages of artificial grass is that it’s highly resistant to stains. It can continue to look great for many years without a lot of upkeep. However, if there are spills of food and drink or other substances, the grass is super easy to clean. The ease of maintaining artificial turf is one of the reasons it is so appealing, especially for busy families.

Lawns, whether artificial or natural, are meant to be lived on and used, and the method for removal of spills depends on the substance. Most food and drink can be cleaned by rinsing away with water. If anything remains after this method, then you may need to use a natural, mild soap or a vinegar/water solution and lightly scrubbing the area.

However, for bubble gum or other sticky items that cannot simply be picked up, chill it with an ice cube for easier removal.

During the manufacturing process for synthetic grass, it is perforated with a series of tiny holes that can only be seen from the matting side. These are engineered to accommodate drainage from any type of rain, snow or pooling of water.

Once the water has drained through the holes, it then seeps into the ground where the infill helps hold the water until it completely drains through. However, during heavy rains, it is normal for some water to run on the surface of the artificial turf just as it was on natural lawn.

While Artificial grass doesn’t stay wet for long, it also generally doesn’t get slippery when wet, which makes it a safe choice for family and pooches. It is also important to note that snow will not freeze your grass to the point of it becoming brittle and breaking; however, the lawn may become icy.

Synthetic grass has been designed to endure all weather types, so yes, water does go through the grass and drain, but is dependent on three factors – Infill, installation and the quality of the grass.

Suppose you live in an area that is known for heavy or frequent rainfall. In that case, you will need to choose a premium artificial turf that is porous and doesn’t deteriorate when inundated with water, which is commonly available.

Installing the right type of infill means that when the water passes through the backing material of the artificial turf that it will be absorbed. With time, the water seeps out into drain pipes which means the lawn is free from surface water.

Overall, correctly installation of at the outset will ensure good drainage and avoid water pooling on the lawn.

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